Introducing EOD (Education on Demand) TV Academy – Another First from SLT PEO TV

At present education for children plays an important role in our day today life. Providing additional support for young learners has become a prime responsibility of all parents. There’s a considerable budget spent on additional Tuition given for children. Apart from the cost, the time consumed, and safety of children when out of home has also become a key concern to parents. Amidst of all these concerns the competition for Education will be continued and parents are faced with many difficulties day by day.

SLT PEO TV has taken a very novel initiative in introducing EOD (Education on Demand) to facilitate hassle free learning from the comforts of home, bringing tuition to your doorstep. EOD gives a brand new learning experience to all students as you can pick the video lessons whenever you want to watch and study the important areas of lessons at your convenience using Pause and Rewind features. EOD offers many attractive video lessons to support the young learners to pick up on subject matters and additional learning that is helpful for their school curriculum.  All video lessons are available on EOD section and can be subscribed via PEO TV Home Menu and a video can be watched over a period of one month once subscribed.

EOD is not meant only for the learners and students but this medium can be a fruitful mode for Teachers, Lecturers and Content providers in Education sector. SLT PEO TV intends to expand the development of EOD in the near future as a way of knowledge sharing to nurture young learners in the country. Education on Demand is exclusively available on PEO TV and expects to reach all students in the country who are seeking for hassle free learning from home.

SLT PEO TV is the pioneering Internet Protocol Television service provider in the country, reaching nearly 400,000 subscribers. PEO TV differentiated its offering in the market by introducing Rewind TV, Time Shifted TV, Picture-in-Picture, and Video on Demand, Music on Demand, Education on Demand and many other TV applications for the first time in Sri Lanka.