Hasrath Munasinghe

In conversation with Ruwandi Perera

Alma maters
Mahanama and Royal College

Family members
Wife (Fiona), two sons (Ashane and Tejan) and parents (Ariya and Kanthy)

Wanted to be
An engineer

A marketer; and more recently, a banker

Favourite day of the week
Friday, of course!

Worst day of the week
No particular day – every day is good

Three must-haves
The wallet, mobile and watch

Three ‘would like to haves’
A turntable, motorbike and pet dog

Mantra to unwind
Spending time with family

Favourite colour
Orange – because when I was a kid, my favourite sight was seeing a thambili-kaaraya (king coconut seller) on a bicycle

An Audi Q7

Would like to drive
A Mercedes-Benz

Happy place
My parents’ residence in Dehiwela – there’s nothing like going home

Favourite chill out
Spending time with friends at sports clubs such as CH & FC, CR & FC and SSC

Cook or foodie
Definitely a foodie because I can’t cook

Favourite food
Egg roti

Favourite drink
Thambili (king coconut)

Favourite hobbies
Following Royal College sports, communicating on WhatsApp and reading articles online

Three pet peeves
Backstabbing, gossip and fake people

Likes to play
Tap rugger and snooker (although I hardly play)

Likes to watch
Cricket, rugby and football

The glass is half full or half empty
Half full – because I’m always positive and optimistic

Most unforgettable events
The births of my sons

Most upsetting event
The untimely death of my close friend Lakshan Sabar in 1999

Favourite local destination
Down south where my parents hail from

Favourite international destination

Ideal romantic date or outing
Celebrating our wedding anniver­sary with a private dinner on the beach in Langkawi

Three items on the wish list for the next six months
Conducting a pirith ceremony, starting to cycle and travelling from Point Pedro to Mullaitivu through rough terrain

Three items on the bucket list following retirement
Rearing pet birds, watching an Olympics event on location and taking a train journey across Siberia

Quality or quantity

Work or play after retirement

Likely retirement destination
Colombo – because it’s where I belong

Obsessed with
The phone (despite objections from my family)

Purpose in life
Enjoy life and give something back

Happiness in a few words
Being content with what you have and seeing the brighter side of life

Favourite song
Lady, Lady, Lady (by Joe Esposito) – it has a beautiful melody and lyrics, and is from a great 1980s movie (Flashdance)

Favourite movie
Cast Away (starring Tom Hanks) – the best actor of my generation

Best actor
Joe Abeywickrama – for his ability to portray various characters (and especially his role in the movie Pooja)

Best singer
Priya Suriyasena – for his unique and unforgettable voice

Favourite author
The great Martin Wickramasinghe – his novel Gamperaliya is the best Sri Lankan work of literature

Favourite local sportsperson
Muttiah Muralitharan – a ‘smiling assassin’ and the greatest bowler ever who gave everything for his country

Favourite international sportsperson
Sergey Bubka – the great pole vaulter and one of the greatest sports ambassadors in the world

Favourite local civil servant
Commandant of the Special Task Force (STF) Senior Deputy Inspector General Ruwaiz Latiff – for his integrity and bravery

Colombo in a few words
Busy, hot and happening

Sri Lanka in a few words
A paradise and land like no other

The world in a nutshell
Beautiful and worthy of being preserved

Role model
Jack Ma

Most used word or phrase
‘Do you get what I’m saying?’

Yourself in a few words

Motto in life
Live life and do good

Hasrath is the Deputy General Manager – Marketing of Commercial Bank of Ceylon