Glidar Pvt. Ltd. launches First-of-its-kind ‘GlidAR’ Augmented Reality Experience

Glidar Pvt. Ltd., the newest technology start-up in Sri Lanka launched the GlidAR Augmented Reality App experience using its mobile app to the corporate sector at the Galle Face Hotel recently. Invitees were inspired with the new layers of creativity and knowledge the app offers. Parallel to the launch, their lifestyle magazine “GLIDAR” with the pioneering concept of incorporating augmented reality advertising was introduced.

Augmented Reality is the integration of digital technology and information with the users’ environment in real time. Unlike virtual reality, which creates an entirely artificial environment, AR uses the existing environment to overlay new information.

GlidAR is the new stand-out brand engagement tool, helping brands tap into a new generation of hyper-connected mobile-first consumers with an immersive and sharable experiences. Compared with traditional passive advertising, AR is more engaging, memorable and impactful, connecting audiences directly to the point of sale, while offering end-to-end measurability. According to recent studies AR advertisements show an increase of 58% in customer interactions and 2x engagements with the brands. AR is the future of advertising and as the tech continues to improve, more and more brands are starting to see the direct benefits of AR brand experiences.

The augmented world is starting to permeate our daily lives, changing how we shop, learn, navigate the world and behave. It will only be a matter of time before it revolutionizes our daily business lives; changing how we interact with customers, operate meetings, give presentations, design products and organize memorable events. Millions of people are already using AR in entertaining and often highly publicized ways such as; Mobile games, Location-based services that display arrows on streets or sidewalks to guide a user, Shopping apps that let you see where furniture would fit in your home, Trying AR makeup on before you purchase, Social media filters on Facebook and Instagram etc. The market for Augmented Reality software and hardware is estimated to reach USD 90 Billion by the year 2022.

Dilshaad Uvais, Founder and CEO of GlidAR Pvt. Ltd. explained, “Whether you’re looking for an augmented reality marketing/advertising campaign or you’re simply curious about the potential of AR for your brand, GlidAR is bound to make your vision a reality. As specialists in all-things immersive tech, we’re always pushing ourselves to step beyond what’s possible in AR, to take our clients and their target audiences to higher levels of awareness and visibility”

Co-Founder and COO of GlidAR Pvt. Ltd. Capt. Amjad Shafeek commented, “We are monitoring GlidAR’s interactive experience as a way to engage and inspire our clients beyond their expectations. This innovative feature allows our customers to fully utilize the features of the brand, and we look forward to explore the potential to connect the real and digital worlds in innovative, exciting ways. If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, GlidAR definitely offers you the solution you’ve been looking for.”

GlidAR holds a group of highly skilled and passionate designers, software engineers and developers who create amazing digital products that deliver results, while ensuring a delightful user experience. From AR apps solutions such as AR Games, Interactive Packaging to Geo Fenced AR Content and retail experiences, GlidAR’s expert consultants will help uncover the best strategy and implementation approach for its clients’ needs, guaranteeing maximum engagement and maximum ROI.

GlidAR app, while focusing on generating an interactive advertising platform, aims to bridge the gap between merchants and customers in communication deals, discounts and promotions ranging from fashion outlets to hotels and restaurants.

The GlidAR app is available in both the Android and Apple App Store. Hence, once the GlidAR app is downloaded, readers can scan the photos in this article which are AR enabled and enjoy the AR content.