Celebrates 37 years of Excellence

The Galadari Colombo continues to stand tall celebrating its 37tth Anniversary on 06th October 2021. The hospitality industry was one of the worst hit due to the damage caused by the covid-19 pandemic outbreak. This sent shock waves throughout the world causing many lives to be lost and in the process, resulting in shattered economies.

Still the darkness has not been totally lifted but gradually people are trying to bring normalcy back into their day-to-day lives. The Galadari Colombo too faced many storms but continues to uphold its brand despite the turbulent environment.

As travel bans are slowly being lifted and foreign travel resumes the hospitality industry   is trying to make ends meet. Despite the negative influences the hotel continues with its phenomenal splendor as a standalone hotel.

In celebration of its many milestones the hotel organized several special events and celebrations to coincide with its 37th Anniversary. The management of the hotel organized an almsgiving on 6th October 2021 in remembrance of the staff members who lost their lives in the 1997 15th October WTC bomb disaster as well as those colleagues who departed under other tragic circumstances.

The hotel is working towards strengthening its delivery services which will undoubtedly be the future income earner with the prevailing pandemic situation. Plans are also underway to welcome local travelers by providing attractive offerings.

Gathering brand strength with its renovation plans set in motion will pave the way for the hotel to distinguish a major paradigm shift within the next two years. Working towards creating a positive change to provide exceptional superior services complete with modernization will be the next phase of the Galadari Colombo.