The annual guide to Sri Lanka’s most valuable brands

BY Ruchi Gunewardene

Despite expectations that the pandemic would wane, 2021 was no different to the previous year – the multitude of challenges continued to affect us all. This has put enormous stress on businesses, brands, the economy and consumer purchasing power, in particular.

This year’s analysis of brands has been carried out in the context of this volatile background and economic upheaval.

Now in its 19th consecutive year, the objective of publishing the Brand Finance Most Valuable Brands and Most Loved Index is to provide readers with a well-researched and comprehensive analysis of Sri Lanka’s consumer brand landscape.

How brands adapt to evolving external factors is paramount to business sustainability.

Our analysis is entirely fact-based, using extensive market research and publicly available company financial information. This year, we have gone a step further to enhance our research to include more in-depth consumer information as well add a new group of respondents to certain categories – i.e. B2B decision makers – as they have significant influence in sectors such as banking and telecommunications.

We have also revamped the way in which we present the results of the Most Loved Index. As these brands are benchmarked by consumers relative to other brands within each category, we’re now listing the top three brands by individual sector. There are a total of 140 brands in this index. The single consolidated index, which we published in the past, is now limited to the top 50 so as to highlight these distinguished performers.

As we extend our market research and financial analysis, more companies have found the information we publish very useful to their marketing teams as it becomes a key tracking tool and indicator of performance.

It is also a useful tool for boards of directors who seek to better understand the performance of this important intangible business asset.

We look forward to many more engagements with brand owners in 2022.

Ruchi Gunewardene is the Chairman of Brand Finance Lanka