Fairway Aviation Academy selected to train Sri Lanka Air Force cadet pilots

An aviator is a unique and skilled individual with years of training and hard work as the foundation of his career. To become a military pilot it takes twice as much skill and training. Being an air force pilot takes thinking-on-your-feet and making critical decisions in seconds to a whole new level. In the cockpit where the smallest error can cost lives, one is forced to rely on one’s training, experience and skills. It takes well qualified mentors and facilities of the highest standard to hone the skill and implement the training to produce pilots who will be the pride of the nation. Thus it is with great pride that the Fairway Aviation Academy announces its selection as a place of training for flight cadets of the Sri Lanka Air Force.

A subsidiary of Fairway Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, the Fairway Aviation Academy consists of a team of dedicated and expert instructors, who follow a time proven curriculum that has been developed to cultivate the necessary thinking-methods, instincts and skills in a pilot.

The academy is extremely grateful to the Sri Lanka Air Force for placing such confidence in them. This is a testimony to the fact that the Fairway Aviation Academy’s resources, aircraft and facilities are of the highest standard. A batch of flight cadets will complete their basic training of 92 hours under the guidance of the academy’s Chief Executive Officer and the Head of Training & Standards. Both gentlemen are former air force pilots and are thus well-aware of what is required and expected of a military aviator. A special curriculum has been implemented for the Air Force cadets, one that differs from that which is followed in the training of civilian pilots.

The Fairway Aviation Academy is confident that when these cadets graduate, they will have a place among the best of the best aviators in Sri Lanka.

For more details please visit www.faa.lk