Sri Lanka aims for exports worth US$ 28 billion in 2020 

On the back of six percent growth in exports registered so far in 2019, Sri Lanka is expected to achieve an export income of US$ 28 billion next year, according to reports citing Minister of Development Strategies and International Trade Malik Samarawickrama, who addressed parliament this week in relation to the Sri Lanka Export Development Act debate.

As elaborated by Samarawickrama, the purpose of the Sri Lanka Export Development Act is to register exporters in the island with the Export Development Board.

He also highlighted the need to tap new export markets; meanwhile, a programme promoting 2,000 exporters is said to be underway, 800 of whom have been registered.

The minister reportedly stated that “steps are being taken to identify new exporters and provide them with capital. We will also launch an export industry in each village under the ‘One Village One Product’ programme.”