EatMealFirst is reshaping customer experience in food delivery business

  • With EatMealFirst I experienced a greater convenience and excellent customer service – Edwin Roshan, a Businessman in Sri Lanka and France
  • ‘Customer experience’ at the heart of EatMealFirst – Director /Founder, Chinthaka Wijesuriya

EatMealFirst, the Sri Lanka based food delivery platform Gets your food orders to the doorsteps as an on-demand service. Through the app, EMF requests from the users very limited information to activate the service. Currently EMF’s Facebook page has reached more than 9000 followers. EMF already updated its six apps including both iOS and Android versions for Customer (order), Rider (deliver) and Restaurants (merchants).

As the EMF’s app usage and orders increases, restaurant-partners realize their monthly revenues increase and most importantly, their customer experience continues to grow. Because the customer experience is the center of excellence, even during the COVID-19 lockdown period ‘EatMealFirst’ service was uninterrupted and it served our valued customers.

EMF is very proud to get to know about user experience and insights from one of our valuable customers creating a more seamless experience with daily needs in the everyday use-app.

We had the opportunity to meet Mr Edwin Roshan, a Businessman who is doing his businesses both in France and Sri Lanka. Sharing his experiences in international and local markets on app-based food delivery services he said, “I live in France and came to Sri Lanka a couple of months ago. When I’m in France I’m very used to similar types of services there when I need to order my food.” Turning to his emotional side of reason for currently being in Sri Lanka he said, “My mother is hospitalised and she is under medical treatment. As soon as I came to Sri Lanka, I had to make arrangements to supply food for my family members because we all have to pay attention to my Mother.” As we came to know, this is the time Mr Edwin got connected with EatMealFirst app and its services.

Elaborating on the options he had to serve his purposes, he explained, “For the last two months i have been using most of the leading food delivery apps and had the opportunity to connect with EatMealFirst service. With EatMealFirst I experienced a greater convenience and excellent customer service for my needs. Initially, I had a doubt that whether I’m able to experience the same good experiences I had in France. Surprisingly, the EatMealFirst team and their excellent customer service didn’t put me down as I thought before. I’m extremely happy with their service and without any doubt I can recommend them to all of my friends and family members because I select EatMealFirst over the other food delivery apps in Sri Lanka.

Adding further, Mr Roshan said, “I would say, the EMF team is very smart and responsive when it comes to customer service. They always make me comfortable when I need their service. I actually thanked my friend who introduced this app to me. Because of him only I’m enjoying EMF service. Also compared to other apps in Sri Lanka, EMF service is very fast, for sure it takes less than 30 minutes to reach my place. Also what i noticed was, if I make any inquiry, someone from their office contacted me within a minute for sure. So that was amazing service I haven’t experienced even in other countries. Because of that I’m a very happy and very satisfied customer of them.

It was exciting to know how EMF helps Roshan’s daily lifestyle. So we listened to his story. He said, “I’m a regular daily customer of EMF. I use the app for all day main food requirements; Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Because of their service I thought I’m going to recommend EMF app to my close circles. By this time, I already recommended a few of my friends. Since the airports are open now, my friends in France are about to visit Sri Lanka very soon. What i thought to introduce and invite them also to this very fine food delivery platform when they arrive from the airport to Sri Lanka”.

To end the discussion, Roshan also made a request to EMF that EMF should start the operation before 10am. So then we can have an early breakfast. Also he invited everyone to get comfort food from your favourite restaurant without leaving home. Experience the fast and easy food delivery service by EatMealFirst and its a food delivery service that connects local food businesses to people.

Director / Founder of EatmealFirst, Chinthaka Wijesuriya expressed his belief in customer experience and said, “Customer experience is a totality of  Behavioral customer response,  cognitive, sensory during all stages of the consumption process including pre-sales, consumptions, and after-sales stages. EatMealFirst believes remembered experience is related to relocations of memories about previous events and experience of product and service is the key success of future and human resources strategic initiatives are taken to train our staff and empower them to meet the customer needs. Customers and our staff are equally important to our journey and will drive towards making it happen and Management highly believes in the equal balanced approach of our customers and employees”.