Dulith Herath

In conversation with Ruwandi Perera

Alma mater
Royal College

Family (and what they do)
My wife Anuradha Herath runs Java Lounge, my dad was a self-made businessman, my mother Thilangani Herath is known for her feng shui and my brother took the academic path to become an architect.

Childhood ambition
To run my own group – I used to create groups at school with titles and designations for my team members

Stingy about
My time

Favourite day of the week

Worst day of the week
Friday – I get ultra-desperate if I don’t have work when I wake up in the morning

Good coffee (which is why I started Java Lounge); energetic people around me; and the ability to make others happy.

Would like to have
More time – at least a 36 hour day

Mantra to unwind
Read – I read up online on physics and space for at least an hour every night before bed

Favourite colour

A Mercedes-Benz E-Class, a BMW 5 Series and an Audi A4.

Happy place
The beach

Favourite chill out
Any open beach

Cook or foodie

Pet peeve
Lazy people

The glass is half full or half empty
Half empty – I’m always hungry to do more

Quality or quantity
A mix of both – it’s a 50:50 thing where I’d prefer to have a fairly high quality product in a large quantity instead of a few quality products or many substandard products

Most unforgettable event
When I was around eight, I took apart a small blue toy van and figured out how the motor was connected to the battery – I can still feel the excitement of that ‘aha moment’

Most regrettable event
Not doing a pilot run when we first took Kapruka global and lost millions of hard-earned money in a few months – but I consider it a lesson learnt

Favourite local destination
The entire coastal line

Favourite overseas destination
Nepal – since it’s just starting to develop

Ideal romantic date or outing
With my wife and a laptop at a candlelit dinner

Bucket list for the next six months
Taking Grasshoppers to a new country (most likely Vietnam)

Bucket list following retirement
I will never retire – however, when I do ‘retire,’ I’ll work on the next generation; I will invest in them, believe in them and push them.

Work or play after retirement

Obsessed with
Time and coffee – if I don’t have my all black Americano, I go slow.

Favourite movie
The Shawshank Redemption – I love anything with humour and science fiction including superhero movies

Favourite international civil servant
President Donald Trump – because he’s a disruptor who does things that no one expects and has a make or break philosophy that I can relate to

Colombo in a few words
A blank sheet with so many opportunities – it’s a brand-new city with very little competition where you can do so much!

Sri Lanka in a few words
Our country is actually a blank page – there is so much to write on it and so many things to do

Role model
No single role model – I take the best of different people

Most used word or phrase
“It’s OK”

Yourself in one or two words
Insatiable and impatient

Purpose of life
To leave a legacy

Happiness in a few words
Going to sleep feeling that the day was productive

Motto in life
Have the courage to give up and change gears

Dulith is the Founder and Chairman of Kapruka.com and Cofounder of Grasshoppers