DSI Beat joins Manusath Derana to aid flood victims in Kilinochchi

As one of the largest retail networks in the country and a leading footwear producer in the local sphere, the DSI Samson Group is a customer-centric organization that is deeply conscious of the needs and wants of the public. The organization has been involved in a number of CSR projects including Danumai Wasanawai, Sithuvili Sri Lanka and the annual DSI Supersport Schools Volleyball Tournament. As one of the many brands that make up the brand of the people, DSI Beat has engaged in many projects dedicated to aiding the less fortunate.

On the 7th of January, Beat, in partnership with Manusath Derana, distributed over 2000 pairs of slippers to the children of 20 schools in Kilinochchi. The Northern province of the island recently fell victim to floods that left many homeless and destitute. Thus, in order to alleviate the circumstances of the victims of the floods DSI Beat joined forces with Manusath Derana in an initiative that was aided by the 57th Division of the Sri Lanka Army. The Distributor for DSI in Jaffna, Mr. Jeyaraza of Super Shoes Distributors also played an integral part in the distribution of Beat rubber slippers to the victims

“We were glad to have DSI Beat join us in this endeavor. The people of the North have been placed in a very difficult situation due to the recent floods. Many have been forced to leave their homes and belongings, and as a result now find themselves in most unfortunate circumstances. We at Manusath Derana see it as our duty and privilege to aid our brothers and sisters of the North in their time of need. We are very grateful to DSI Beat for coming forward to donate footwear to over 2000 children in Kilinochchi”, said the Deputy General Manager of Marketing at Manusath Derana, Mr. Mahesh Jayawardena.

“The needs of the people have always been the topmost priority of our organization. We believe in the importance of giving something back to society from the organization’s income. Thus, we at DSI were happy to be a part of the CSR initiative by Manusath Derana to provide DSI Beat Rubber Slippers to the people of Kilinochchi as they endure all kinds of post-flood related difficulties. We thank Manusath Derana for inviting us to be a part of this worthy project and the 57th Division of the Sri Lanka Army for facilitating the distribution of the supplies”, stated Mr. Thusitha Rajapaksa, the Managing Director of D. Samson and Sons (Pvt) Ltd.