Sri Lanka’s freelance community to receive digital support 

In the lead up to World Social Media Day on 30 June, the Ministry of Digital Infrastructure and Information Technology announced that the government would make a serious effort to promote the freelance and startup culture in Sri Lanka by strengthening the ICT industry.

Secretary to the ministry D. C. Dissanayake explained that unlike with other traditional jobs, the economic contribution of Sri Lanka’s 50,000 plus freelancers is not recognised in monetary terms and policy makers need to be aware of current trends to formulate effective plans that benefit all.

He added that the internet is an emerging medium of revenue and foreign exchange, and the country is equipped with the necessary connectivity infrastructure to take the industry to the next level; moreover, the education system needs to recognise the latest freelancing trends.

“In the past, cyberspace was basically male dominated; however, we have seen it becoming more gender neutral in the recent past… Freelancing is also a good opportunity for women who seek a safe working environment as they can [even] work from their home[s],” Dissanayake affirmed.