DFCC Pinnacle Junior Partners Gateway College for the Gateway Robotics Competition 2024

DFCC Pinnacle Junior recently sponsored the first-ever Gateway National interschool Robotics Championship for Local and international Schools, further cementing DFCC Bank’s commitment to education and innovation. Approximately 25 schools across the island participated in this prestigious competition, highlighting the growing interest and talent in robotics among young students. DFCC Pinnacle is the highest-tier premium banking experience provided by DFCC Bank PLC, featuring a range of bespoke banking solutions tailored for its most discerning customers.

As the Banking Partner for the Gateway National Robotics Championship, DFCC Pinnacle Junior helped to foster a culture of innovation and critical thinking among students. By providing a platform for young minds to explore robotics, this partnership aligns with DFCC Pinnacle Junior’s goal of nurturing talent and inspiring lifelong learning. The robotics competition thus provided a platform for students to highlight their creativity and problem-solving abilities, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and encouraging students to push their boundaries. By working together, DFCC Bank and Gateway College demonstrate the potential for progress through collaboration in pursuing a prosperous future for Sri Lanka.

Commenting on the partnership, Shera Hassan, Head of Pinnacle/Branch Banking Planning, and Implementation Vice President said, “We believe in empowering the next generation through education and innovation. By supporting events like the Gateway National Robotics Championship, we are investing in the future leaders of Sri Lanka and encouraging them to reach new heights. Accordingly, these are investments into the future of our nation as we look towards fostering a vibrant talent pool and many opportunities for growth, success, and fulfilment.”

Education is a key pillar for DFCC Junior, and by promoting STEM education, the bank is helping to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in an increasingly digital world. DFCC Bank also believes in the power of participation and competition to drive excellence and collaborates with its partners to support activities that help to drive community engagement, create valuable opportunities, and deliver tangible results.

DFCC Pinnacle Junior is part of the broader DFCC Junior proposition, a comprehensive high-return savings solution offered by DFCC Bank, designed to instil financial literacy and responsible saving habits in children. Through DFCC Junior, children are encouraged to start saving early, laying the foundation for a financially secure future. The programme also provides various incentives and rewards to motivate children to save, including educational rewards such as cash incentives for high academic achievements and life milestones, exciting activities, competitions, and access to exclusive discounts and offers from a vast network of merchants.

Learn more about DFCC Pinnacle Junior and begin your child’s savings journey today. Visit our DFCC website, www.dfcc.lk, or call our Pinnacle 24/7 Hotline on 0112350011 or any DFCC Bank branch for further assistance. Meanwhile, existing DFCC Pinnacle customers can reach out to their dedicated Pinnacle Relationship Manager or the DFCC Branch Manager for comprehensive assistance and advice.