Common Color Mistakes That Can Lower The Value of Your Home

Color can play a major role in the end result or the total outlook of a space. While some colors are capable of transforming a space entirely and elevating its look, there are certain colors that can lower the value of a home, obstructing it from reaching its best potential. Many home-owners love a splash of color but at the same time we are often scared to make a mistake. Hence, why many choose to stick to muted colors such as white and gray, when readying a property for sale. Muted color schemes are indeed a safer option, but it is important to keep in mind that some of these colors may also make a space look dull or lose its energy. Therefore, be mindful when choosing colors for your home or any space for that matter.

To make this process less confusing and less stressful, we at Lamudi have compiled a list of the most common color mistakes homeowners tend to make, that can impede your home from reaching its potential value.


Mistake #1 – Always Trying to Match Colors With Your Belongings.

This mistake is most common among new homeowners, designing their space for the first time. Many make the assumption that matching colors to furniture and other items in the home will lower the risk of color mistakes. However in truth, using colors that exactly match your furniture may create an overwhelming look to the space.

Instead of trying to match the colors with items in the home, consider using these objects as a statement piece and emphasizing them, through the use of muted color schemes.


Mistake #2 – Going All White.

White is considered a safe option but too much white can also lower the value of your home. Furthermore, it is important to pay attention to the specific shades of white chosen because some shades are capable of creating a dull feeling within a space. A great tip is to make use of the sample-size colors or oversize color chips in paint stores, to make the best selection. If you are afraid of experimenting with bright colors, consider instead painting the walls white and decorating the space using statement furniture or pieces of various colors.


Mistake #3 – Too Bright.

The colors chosen to decorate a home can have a major impact on mood, lifestyle and habits. Be sure to pick colors that will assist you mentally and emotionally. Opting for bright colors is not a bad option but try to avoid colors that create a sense of chaos or disturbance within a space.


Mistake #4 – Using the Same Shades Everywhere.

If blue is your color, we understand. However, using the same shade for the entire house may be a little boring or overwhelming for visitors. So why not try using different shades of your chosen statement color, or alternatively compliment it with shades of gray, white or other muted colors, to help uplift and vary it.


Mistake #5 –  Not Making Proper Use of Details.

As much as a fresh coat of paint can transform a house, so too can the effective use of minimal details such as printed rungs, statement sofas and various art pieces. Such details are capable of increasing the value of any space. If you are using a neutral or muted color scheme for the walls, consider uplifting the look by incorporating printed rugs, flowers and art pieces, to avoid a hospital-like feel. Make effective use of rich and sophisticated details, to help create a luxury feel in your home.