COLIND’s Diwali ball 2022 – an evening of fun, frolic and merriment held in Colombo

COLIND (Colombo Indians) organized a Diwali Ball recently at the Taj Samudra. An evening full of sumptuous Indian food – chowpatty chaats, twisted desserts, chatpata snacks, southern delights, and banarsi paans served on live counters saw many guests feasting to their heart’s content. The evening started off with a unique lamp lighting ceremony- where Chandana’s dancers gracefully brought lit candles to each table and where the ladies seated at the table lit up the lamps placed on their table. This was followed by many draws that were held to give away free goodies and weekend stays, flight tickets, and resorts in the Maldives were the ones of the highest value.

“We thought we were coming to an Indian gathering but it was super to see so many of our friends also partying and enjoying Diwali celebrations,” said Chanithi Gunasekera, one of the   Sri Lankan guests at the party. The event had a mix of all Indian expatriates and their families and Sri Lankans representing every region and province. Everyone present had one aim which was to have an evening of great fun and merriment.

Naadro was fantastic as usual with their drums revving up the energy, followed by Chandana’s dancers who set the tone with energetic dancing to Bollywood numbers.

DJ UD and TT opened the floor for dancing and saw very active engaged participation from the audience. The tantalizing music from Bollywood was too hard to resist and all participants irrespective of age, size or nationality were on the floor dancing and enjoying. The dance floor was set alight by the ‘Naach Colombo Group of Altaf, who had ready-made choreographed moves for each song and set the tone and tenor for the audience.

Crish Panchal one of the winners of the best dancer award said, “Wow the music was scintillating. I don’t think I have danced so much and with such intensity in a long time. “

Archana Law said, “I have to say, after attending many COLIND Diwali Ball events over the years, this has to be one of the best ever. “

One of the organizers, Santosh Menon said, “We wanted local participation and we wanted everyone to have loads of unbridled fun. On all accounts, I think both objectives were achieved. “

Kishore Reddy, the key organizer concluded by saying, “We have set an amazingly high standard for ourselves. It’s incredibly satisfying to create a space and platform for Indians and  Sri Lankans to party, dance and engage in high-quality merriment together. I feel good. And can’t wait for next year.”

COLIND Diwali Ball 2022