city-guide-to-kandyOften considered the perfect getaway from the urban hectic lifestyle, Kandy is one of Sri Lanka’s finest travel hotspots, attracting thousands of international travellers from across the globe each year. Kandy is a friendly city which will give you the opportunity to make new friends, both local and international. Those who visit Kandy roam around the city mesmerised by its unique cultural and traditional values and scenic beauty.

With more than 2.5 million people residing in the hill country, Kandy is the go-to city for work and leisure. The city is elevated 465 meters above sea level and is located 110 Km from Colombo, a comfortable 3 hour journey along the A1 highway. Housing some of the country’s most important and valued possessions, Kandy is not only an active travel destination but also the pride and glory of Sri Lanka.

The hill capital is recognized globally as the last kingdom of Sri Lanka. It fell into the hands of the British in 1815. The city, which was once called Senkadagala, later received its name “Mahanuwara” which means “Great City”.

The city’s cool and relaxing climate and abundant natural elements, combined with a rich historic culture create the perfect living environment for any individual. Moreover, attractions such as the world famous Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, the traditional interior designs at Embekka Temple, the National Botanical Garden, the annual Esala Perahera Parade, and the Kandy Lake stand by as perfect examples that showcase the historical and cultural uniqueness of the country.

Living in the hill capital

Surrounded by the most beautiful hills, trees and waterways, Kandy is most certainly one of the best iconic metropolises in Sri Lanka. The city is constantly undergoing exciting new improvements and consequently moulding itself into a perfect living destination. With great potential for growth, Kandy is a magnet for high end commercial businesses and luxurious residential projects, thus encouraging wealthy citizens of the country, expats, and foreigners to invest. The future for real estate in Kandy looks very promising.

There is an increasing demand for real estate in this fantastic city. Most property seekers are interested in purchasing property rather than renting, and many properties are used as holiday homes. Traditional ‘wallauwas’ or Manor houses are still designed with clay tile roofs, latticed doors and windows, and stunning wood carvings, indicating the rich traditions which have prevailed in the country over the decades.