Every Sri Lankan’s favourite restaurant, Chinese Dragon Cafe, has found a new home in Dubai. The restaurant officially opened its doors in Al Karama, Dubai in October. The menu features all the fan favourite dragon dishes that customers have grown to love over the years.

From the fragrant seafood rice on banana leaf and spicy devilled chicken to the comforting chicken and sweet corn soup, these dishes are sure to take anyone on a gastronomical adventure.

And everyone’s favourite dish – the legendary hot butter cuttlefish – has taken Dubai by storm. It was an instant hit among the Sri Lankan expatriate community and all other nationalities.

Director Naishadh Udeshi says: “The team contemplated plans to expand to Dubai over a period of time. This decision stemmed from the desire to address the challenges faced in Sri Lanka and sustain the business while extending our reach globally. Therefore, we took a leap of faith, and embarked on a new and daring venture.”

The team was also moved by the constant stream of messages from the many Sri Lankan residents in the emirate who expressed a strong desire for a sense of home and the mouth-watering dishes. This became the ultimate motivation for bringing to reality the opening of Chinese Dragon Cafe in Dubai.

“The management team undertook a visit to Dubai to identify the perfect location to set up the cafe. We came across a charming venue that was once an Indian restaurant and instantly envisioned it as a cosy place that can seat approximately 10 people at a time. The setting was perfect to bring the authentic flavours of Sri Lankan cuisine to Dubai,” notes Director Saurabh Udeshi.

And so 8 October marked the realisation of a long awaited dream with the opening of Chinese Dragon Cafe, Dubai. The opening ceremony was held under the patronage of directors Naishadh Udeshi and Saurabh Udeshi, COO Shashi Jayawardena and branch manager Dharmarajah Danushkar. Since its opening, sales have steadily picked up, indicating the restaurant’s instant popularity.

Jayawardena says: “We’re not merely the product – we are 80 years of hard work, dedication and a wonderfully dedicated group of employees who work tirelessly to make us a success. We’re nothing without our customers, staff and brand.”

“To maintain high standards, the team hand-picked the best staff from Sri Lanka. This strategic move helped us retain the authenticity of our offering and also provided an opportunity for hardworking staff in Sri Lanka to move forward in their careers by creating a platform to work overseas,” adds Naishadh Udeshi.

The success of Chinese Dragon Cafe, Dubai has ignited ambitious plans for further expansion, and the team has set sights on opening outlets in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. With its 81 year history and being one of the first Chinese cafes to open in Sri Lanka, Chinese Dragon Cafe continues its unwavering commitment to bringing the flavours of Sri Lanka to the world.

– Compiled by Tamara Rebeira


Telephone: +971 581268080 | Email: dubai@chinesedragoncafe.ae | Website: www.chinesedragoncafe.ae