Located on a deserted stretch of beach on the east coast of Sri Lanka is Aprota Villas Arugambay. Occupying nearly five hectares of beachfront land, the property carves itself into the sandy landscape; it uses strong geometric shapes for roofs and buildings, which complement the surrounding sandy tones with metallic deep red timber and warm stone. The turquoise blue of the three overlapping pools dazzles against the beach backdrop, and a flowing waterfall edge is set between the pools amid an oasis of flora and newly planted coconut trees. The rooms, suites, restaurant and bar have all been designed to maximise the exposed roof space – high ceilings and sculpted overhangs keep the internal areas naturally cool and shaded from the external heat. Upon arrival, guests find themselves in a lush garden that leads to the entrance of the building. The natural sand dunes on site ensure that the exquisite views of the ocean aren’t revealed until visitors have passed through the elevated opening to the restaurant and bar, which is marked by the dramatic angular cut between the roofs. The design’s novel use of the deconstructed traditional form creates a new and exciting interpretation of modern tropical architecture.