Barista 20th Anniversary

Barista Coffee Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is celebrating their 20th anniversary of business operations in Sri Lanka by breaking the campaign “A Legacy of 20 Years of Coffee” with a series of projects and events aligned with their brand values and beliefs. As the national coffee brand in Sri Lanka, serving their customers the best cup of coffee with branded customer service, Barista salutes their valued customers for being with the brand through it all and promises to continue to give you the best coffee experience with highest quality.

“We’ve seen through the war, tsunami, easter attack, covid 19 pandemic and through all bits and pieces which the country went through and we were always with our people fighting through it all, surviving and reaching new levels for our own community ensuring that we are always opened for you to walk in and grab your coffee. We believe in our country, and we will keep fighting the odds to raise our flag higher than ever before through every possible opportunity.

As of our future plans, we are in progress of expanding up to 50 outlets around the country within the next 02 years to promote the coffee culture in Sri Lanka and to be the undisputed leader in the industry.” Stated Mr. Dilupa Pathirana, the CEO of Barista at a recent interview.

Barista was started back in 2002 by opening their first outlet at the World Trade Center and currently they are the pioneers in the industry and the largest café chain in Sri Lanka with over 17 outlets and many more coming up while leading many national and international projects to uplift the future and the youth of Sri Lanka by introducing Barista and restaurant management trainings and opportunities.

Barista is a brand which is deeply rooted and connected with the customers in a different level through social media, at cafes and through delivery applications prioritizing giving a true coffee experience which will stay closer to the heart.

Barista is also currently the most digitized café chain in Sri Lanka who also launched the first ever coffee app in the country bringing the daily cup of coffee one step closer to their loved coffee community.

While they raise over 1,500 coffee cups every day, they are very connected to the people and planet as they are very active on serious CSR projects with the greatest partnerships of all times. Nurdle cleaning, beach cleaning, reforestation, feeding the needy, save the children and SOS children’s project, pick a book project, blood donation campaigns, leadership and youth training projects are some key highlights of their work.

Barista is also the first private sector company to affiliate with the Vocational Training Authority to come up with the project “VTA Barista Training Program” which is offered for completely free with the best lecturers to promote being a barista amongst the youngsters to train them to join international and local cafes as skilled and knowledged Baristas. The brand Barista talks with pride as they have produced over thousands of Baristas within these 20 years who are now working in the largest café chains around the world raising our flag high.

As Barista moves forward, they pledge and promise to continue to serve the best cup of coffee with the most heartiest coffee experience and branded customer service.

We raise the biggest cup of coffee to celebrate Barista.

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