Ranked among “Top 1000” in the World by “The Banker” UK.

  • Holds tight to top spot among Sri Lankan banks 2020.

Bank of Ceylon (BOC), the state-owned premier Sri Lankan bank continued to hold on tightly to its top position among other banks in the country according to the rating by the prestigious banker’s magazine of United Kingdom.

Recent World bank report highlighted that Chain’s banks underpin Asia – Pacific’s growth while the North America’s and Western Europe banks share decline. BOC was able to brave the economical draw backs global as well as domestic and retain themselves among the top ranked banks in the world.

BOC has held its position among the world’s “Top 1000 Banks” by the “The Banker” UK magazine continuously for the past 13 years.

“The Banker” has been the trusted source of banking information since 1926.  Its credibility as the most trusted navigator over 90 years of banking is well established. The Banker is reputed as the key source of data and analysis for the industry.

Against the backdrop the COVID 19 pandemic and its adverse impact on the global banking industry where the aggregate profits are reported to have fallen considerably on an Year on Year basis the fact that BOC was not only able to retain its position among the best banks globally but also to maintain its leading position among Sri Lankan banks is commendable by any standard. Once again being the best in Sri Lanka is yet another feather in the cap which is a source of encouragement to perform better in the future as well.

The Bank has drawn encouragement from it achievements over the past eighty two years. There are many milestones that the bank has stored in its achievement wallet during these long years. Therefore, whilst extending its gratitude to all its stakeholders, it extends it to those stakeholders of the past as it recalls the achievements of the past with nostalgia.

successfully expanding the bank’s balance sheet with an over Rs. 3 trillion assets base, an over Rs. 2.5 trillion deposit base and over Rs. 2 trillion in loans and advances, the Bank of Ceylon became the first Sri Lankan bank to reach this feat. Another unique feature which the bank cherishes is the expansion of its customer reach to 2000 touch points across the country.

With a structure that is sustainable in the longer-run which is developed around a profound vision, mission and a set of corporate values, the assurance the Bank has earned throughout these years is by now validated by all stakeholders especially all Sri Lankans.