The ‘Next Generation Sri Lanka’ survey, which seeks to strengthen the voice of the nation’s youth and the importance of their role in society’s future, was launched at the Lighthouse Auditorium and Lawns to a wide segment of guests.

Based on key findings from initial research conducted by the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement in collaboration with the British Council, the survey aims to identify the experiences, expectations, attitudes and aspirations of young Sri Lankans.

The key findings point to young Sri Lankans being proud of their identity and viewing ‘Sri Lankan’ as a unifying term. Participants note that school curriculums do not adequately prepare students for employment. They also feel that government support for small-scale enterprises for youth lacks direction. Only 15 percent of respondents are certain that democracy has been of benefit to them even though a majority identify democracy as the best political system for Sri Lanka.

According to a statement by British Council Sri Lanka, “Sri Lanka as a country has been through a period of significant change and it is important to empower the voices of our youth if we are to drive any change for the next generation.”