6th International Investment Forum (IIF): Open discourse for holistic decisions

20 Top Executives from industries of the future open up new perspectives for investors

On February 15, the 6th International Investment Forum (IIF) took place online. A total of 20 speakers presented their companies and offered interested viewers exciting insights into various industries ranging from battery technology, blockchain and biotech to solution providers from the areas of trade and mobility, as well as representatives of the raw materials industry. This interdisciplinary perspective allowed investors to gain new insights and perspectives during the 6th edition of the IIF. “In a complex world, various sources of information are needed more than ever to ultimately make holistic decisions on the stock market,” said Mario Hose, managing director of Apaton Finance GmbH, and one of the co-organizers of the IIF. “It is particularly important not to exclude any topics from the outset,” finds Hose.

Sustainability and energy transition as top topics

During the 6th edition of the IIF, Daniel Major, CEO of uranium company GoviEx Uranium, among others, explained the regulatory peculiarities of the uranium market, its role in achieving climate goals and the importance of responsibly managed mining projects for Africa. Jody Aufrichtig, executive chairman of Psyence, a company that conducts research on psychedelics, emphasized the importance of legislators in palliative care and urges that patients should have alternatives to existing therapies at the end of their lives – a line of thought that is gaining acceptance in more and more countries and promises new markets for innovative agents.

However, the energy transition and sustainability areas remained the central topics of the February issue of the IIF. From dynaCERT, a company specializing in conversion kits for heavy-duty diesel engines, to First Hydrogen, which aims to make fuel cells and hydrogen the number one technology for light commercial vehicles, to Altech Advanced Materials, which has compelling technology in both stationary battery storage and batteries for e-cars – the most pressing issues of our time dominated the IIF. The discussion was also enriched by representatives of the so-called old economy, such as the Canadian oil producer Saturn Oil & Gas. The Company has been focusing on ESG criteria for years and, thanks to several acquisitions, is one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada.

Small information – Big impact

However, the IIF did not only offer answers to the big questions, such as those of the mobility or energy transition. The event also showed that the latest business figures are of great importance to investors. For example, Manuel Taverne, Head of IR at Knaus Tabbert, the leading provider of recreational vehicles in Europe, announced live at the IIF that his company exceeded the EUR 1 billion revenue threshold for the first time in 2022 and that the business situation will remain very good in the current year 2023. Also, dynaCERT offered interim results on the current status of sales activities. Electronic equipment broker Unidevice AG reported excellent profit figures and a solid start to the year – in other words, good prospects for shareholders. “At the IIF, the direct line to decision-makers at companies provides ‘A-Ha’ moments even for investors who already know a company very well. This can pay off directly in the market,” says Manuel Hölzle, CEO of research house GBC AG and co-organizer of the IIF. Overall, the IIF was a complete success: “With international participants from around the globe, the digital investor conference is now a must-attend event for many interested in the capital markets,” Hölzle is pleased to report.

All presentations from the February edition of the IIF will be available on the event series YouTube channel in the coming days.

For 2023, three more dates of the digital investor event are set for registration at https://ii-forum.com:

  • 10 May             2023
  • 10 October       2023
  • 5 December      2023