Prathap Chartered Valuation & Consultancy celebrates excellence with 2023 RICS South Asia Valuation Team Award

Setting a New Standard: Sri Lankan Firm’s Dedication to Valuation Excellence Shines on the Global Stage

Amidst the glittering ambiance of New Delhi’s Lalit Hotel, a remarkable story unfolds as Prathap Chartered Valuation & Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd. emerges triumphant with the coveted 2023 RICS South Asia Valuation Team Award. This accolade is not just a win, but a testament to the firm’s unyielding commitment to international valuation standards. A beacon of trust and precision, the Valuation Team Award celebrates the pinnacle of valuation services, infusing confidence, independence, and unwavering credibility into both residential and commercial projects. Prathap Chartered Valuation & Consultancy’s remarkable achievement underscores their dedication to these core values, solidifying their reputation as trailblazers. In a field rich with talent, Prathap Chartered Valuation & Consultancy stands tall as the lone Sri Lankan representative among the esteemed 15 awardees. Their victory reverberates beyond national borders, signaling a remarkable rise in Sri Lanka’s real estate and valuation sector and positioning the nation on a global pedestal of distinction. At the heart of this accolade lies the ‘Noovilu Seaplane Terminal’ at Velana International Airport in the Maldives – a testament to Prathap Chartered Valuation & Consultancy’s unwavering dedication to professional excellence. This significant achievement exemplifies their meticulous approach and steadfast commitment to global standards in the realm of valuation.

In a world grappling with uncertainty, Prathap Chartered Valuation & Consultancy’s victory serves as a beacon of hope, radiating resilience and inspiring an industry resurgence. This achievement isn’t just a win; it symbolizes their indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment to navigating turbulent waters with grace. The 2023 RICS South Asia Valuation Team Award isn’t just a recognition; it’s a testament to Prathap Chartered Valuation & Consultancy’s role in empowering global investors. By aligning valuations with steadfast international standards, the firm ensures that each project is rooted in objectivity and independence, forging a path for success. In an exclusive conversation, D Prathapasinghe FRICS, the Managing Director of Prathap Chartered Valuation & Consultancy, shared, “This award is a tribute to our team’s dedication, our clients’ trust, and our journey towards excellence.” His words echo the sentiments behind the achievement, portraying it as a collective endeavor. As the real estate and valuation industry navigates uncharted territories, Prathap Chartered Valuation & Consultancy’s victory signals a new dawn. It breathes life into an industry redefining its path, sparking ambition, and offering a glimpse of a promising future, where confidence and excellence take center stage.

Mr. D. Prathapasinghe FRICS (Managing Director) and Mrs. N. M. D. Nanayakkara (Director) hold the Asia Valuation Team Award