Q: How will you be the change you want to see?
A: ‘United we stand, divided we fall.’ Unity is key to the progress of a nation. I can see that we are polarised as a nation in ethnicity and religion. I will act as an agent to bridge the communities by organising unity camps and exchange programmes among students from all parts of Sri Lanka.
To address rising unemployment, I will encourage them to believe in their own talents and embark on self-employment schemes instead of being dependent on jobs. I will also train youngsters to move with nature, and to reduce, recycle, reuse and restore.

Q: As far as our education system goes, what are the pros and cons?
A: Sri Lanka has the best education system in Asia – our medical and engineering degrees are among the best in Asia and recognised in the West. But we also have a competitive environment due to limited universities.
Students are unaware of the next steps after their A-Levels. The pupil to teacher ratio is very low (26:1 in 2021). The system is mostly based on theoretical rather than practical knowledge.

Q: Do you see yourself remaining in Sri Lanka – or returning to Sri Lanka – or do you think it’s best to migrate?
A: I can confidently say that I’ll remain in my country perpetually. We’re Sri Lankans and we have all the resources to overcome today’s critical situation together. We have to work hard to revive our motherland.

Q: Where do you see Sri Lanka in a decade from today?
A: In a decade, I see Sri Lanka as a developed country with a high level of literacy and national income, and low inflation and unemployment levels – with all ethnicities, religions and cultures living happily and peacefully, under a good democratic government.
The country will be economically self-sufficient and more developed. We will be manufacturing and exporting, and be established in the shipping industry. We will be providing IT related solutions worldwide.

We’re proud to be Sri Lankan, and we should unite together and utilise our strength and enthusiasm to revive the economy and take the country forward.

Corruption due to inefficient political management
Inadequate export earnings
Brain drain due to instability

Elon musk – He is a good motivator, a successful man and a lead to my ambition.

Unity is strength – and the power of ‘me’ as an individual in society can help solve the burning issues and boost the economy.