Scholarships for over 1000 Students Affected by COVID-19 – Study in the “Isolation Relief Program”

Dr. V. Janagan, an ambitious and a goal-oriented professional, with a background of over 18+ years in Education Management has announced a fully funded scholarship program for over 1,000 Sri Lankan students under the “isolation relief program”.  The program allows students to pursue a vast array of education fields including vocational training that can immensely support their future endeavors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many countries to decide to close schools, colleges and universities. The severe short-term disruption is felt by many families around the world: as home schooling and loss of student life is not only a massive shock to students’ productivity, but also the economic crisis followed by the devastation has led many parents unable to support their children’s education on an untested and unprecedented scale.

Further, the pandemic has infused a new wave of education with a lot of trial and error and uncertainty for everyone. Importantly, these interruptions will not just be a short-term issue, but can also have long-term consequences for the affected cohorts and are likely to increase inequality.

Dr. V . Janagan, is aware that for some students the income from their parents and workplace was the main source for covering educational expenses and this has become questionable to a great extent with the Covid 19 crisis that has swept across the island.

Therefore, Dr. Janagan has decided to do his part and contribute to the ongoing efforts of students powered by IDM Nations Campus and Janagan Foundation. As a social activist, he has organized many community aiding initiatives by Janagan Foundation and achieved commendable social, political, economic and environmental reform.

Thus said the launch of the scholarship is specifically released to address the COVID-19 consequences and will undoubtedly support many underprivileged students. The idea for these scholarships is that they are really easy to apply for, without the usual administrative requirements. Further, the participants of the scholarship program will be chosen based on an examination to verify their suitability and interest to obtain it.

Dr. Janagan further states that his background has moved him as an individual beyond being a mere spectator and has changed him into a strong believer in voicing national interests, issues and instilled the belief that a successful country begins with an engaged democracy. As an individual committed to the constitutional values of dignity, justice and equity that has contributed towards the achievement of his societal accomplishments by helping people in need, he has made a difference in the nation during the pandemic.