Hello Builders poised to revolutionize the Home Construction industry in SL

Colombo, Sri Lanka, February 2022 Hello Builders Pvt Ltd, a construction firm that specialises in premier, luxury home design and build, recently celebrated another year of success with the close of the financial year. Amidst the unprecedented times faced, Hello Builders Pvt Ltd has continued to thrive and grow its portfolio of architectural prowess and style, making its mark around the island nation of Sri Lanka.

Representing nearly three [03] decades of experience in construction, design and architecture, Hello Builders Pvt Ltd is poised to be the most process-driven service provider in order to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Hello Builders serve clients island-wide, Hello Builders Pvt Ltd offers its customers complete hands-on care where every element of home construction is planned. The contemporary architecture & construction firm provides services ranging from architectural design, structural planning, electrical & plumbing, interior design and landscape planning to ensure international standards of quality in work. The brand follows an ethos of providing on-time delivery, in full – with the correlation of capital gains and investment returns being an imperative.

Speaking with the Managing Director, Hello Builders Pvt Ltd – Eng. Ranga Kasturi Arachchi stated, “I believe that we have a unique opportunity to apply a far more efficient model that provides contemporary creativity and perspective that most other firms currently do not. Inevitably, most firms approach projects with the goal of mitigating risk to maximize profits, oftentimes at the detriment of the project’s potential. We are driven to do better. Our firm strikes a conscious balance between operational goals and aspirational ones, resulting in better experiences and design outcomes for our clients. Simply put – building a house becomes so much easier, convenient and hassle-free with Hello Builders.”

Commenting on the year of success, Director Marketing & Finance, Hello Builders Pvt Ltd – Sutharshanan Nagaratnam stated, “The construction industry as a whole has seen a downward trend in business due to the prevailing economic and trade conditions. The Home Construction Industry, however, has seen an increase in enquiries and conversions. I am pleased to announce that Hello Builders has seen a 28% increase in market share, and an overall 23% rise in company growth. We are elated that our model has proven itself worthy of the Sri Lankan market and that as pioneers of the same, we are able to slowly but surely carve our name alongside titans of Sri Lanka’s construction industry.”

Led by a team of locally and internationally renowned Chartered Architects, Structural Engineers and Project Managers, the brand utilises the latest in technological improvements to ensure convenience and efficiency, as well as 100% safety. Hello Builders Pvt Ltd is the first in a new generation of architecture & design firms to have identified a gap in the market, having designed their services and operational procedures to mitigate the issues currently facing many customers. As a modern firm that plans ahead and works according to timelines, budgets and the promise of quality and durability, Hello Builders Pvt Ltd has soon become one of Sri Lanka’s preferred firms for home design & construction.